create a simple network topology using Cisco Packet Tracer 

This summary provides a roadmap for showing users how to create a basic network using Cisco Packet Tracer, connecting two PCs on different networks through a router with minimal configuration. It serves as a foundational exercise for understanding networking principles and Packet Tracer usage. 

1.Open Packet Tracer: 

2. Create a New Workspace

3. Access the Device Palette and add a Router

4. Access the Device Palette and add Switches

5. Access the Device Palette and add Computers

6.  Verify your network components

7Select Cable Type

8Connect cable to PC0

9.  Connect PC0 to Switch0 using cable

10.  Select Cable Type

11.  Connect cable to PC1

12.  Connect PC1 to Switch1 using cable

13.  Select Cable Type

14.  Connect Switch1 to Router0

15.  Select Cable Type

16.  Connect Switch0 to Router0

17Access PC0 Config

18Configure Default Gateway of PC0

19.  Configure the IP Address of PC0

20.  Configure Router0

21.  Configure the Router0 via the CLI

22Test Connection via PC0

23.  Test Connection via PC0

24.  Test Connection via command line

25Ping PC1 via PC0 

  If some thing is wrong you will get: Request timed out.

If you have it configured right you'll get: Reply from bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=127

26Tracert using command line

Note: Using the tracert  command via the command line between two machines that have a router in between is a way to trace the route that network packets take from the source machine to the destination machine

Congratulations you have successfully used Packet Tracer to set up a simple network consisting of 2 PC, 2 Switches and a Router


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