Arduino Projects

This code runs on an Arduino, which is like a tiny computer. The Arduino is connected to several sensors: a DHT22 sensor for measuring temperature and humidity, and a DS18B20 sensor for measuring water temperature. It also uses an SD card to save this data.

Mayfly dataloggers are typically used to collect data on various environmental parameters, such as water quality, temperature, humidity, and more. They are often used in field studies, especially in aquatic environments like rivers, lakes, and streams, where long-term data collection is required. 

This code reads the temperature from the TMP36 sensor and continuously updates it on the LCD display, allowing you to monitor the temperature in real-time. You can further customize the code to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or add more features like backlight control, temperature thresholds, and more, depending on your requirements. 

Arduino is a fantastic platform for people of all backgrounds to dive into the world of electronics and programming. If you're just starting with Arduino, this tutorial will guide you through a simple yet crucial project: making an LED blink. This project is the equivalent of learning the ABCs in the Arduino universe, and it sets the foundation for more complex creations. 

This code will continuously loop through the traffic light sequence, changing the LED states as described, with delays to control the timing of each light. It will simulate a traffic light with a 2-second red phase, 1-second yellow phase, and 2-second green phase, before repeating the sequence. 

This code allows you to control an LED, play a melody, and activate a relay using a pushbutton. When you press the button, the LED turns on, the relay briefly activates, and the buzzer plays a melody. When you release the button, the LED turns off, and the relay deactivates. This project is a good introduction to combining different components in an Arduino project and reacting to user input with actions. 

This code features two sensors: a DHT sensor for air temperature and humidity, and a waterproof temperature sensor for water temperature monitoring. Additionally, an external pad is triggered via a relay when the water temperature falls below 75°F. In addition a LCD crystal display rotates through the Air Temp, H20 Temp along with humidity.

This code reads sensor data, smooths it using a rolling average, and visually represents it using a 10-segment LED bar graph. The LEDs illuminate based on the intensity of the EMF field detected by the antenna sensor, allowing users to observe fluctuations and patterns in electromagnetic activity in their environment. 

This code allows remote triggering of a rocket launch by sending a specific command via serial communication to the Arduino. It incorporates safety measures by requiring user input to initiate the launch and provides feedback via the serial monitor. 

This Arduino code reads the analog input from pin A0, which is connected to a resistor in a voltage divider configuration. It then calculates the resistance based on the voltage read from the analog pin. The calculated resistance value is displayed both on the Serial Monitor and an LCD screen using the I2C protocol. 

This Arduino sketch reads GPS data from a NEO-6M GPS module and displays the latitude, longitude, and distance from a predefined home location (in this case, London) on a 16x4 I2C LCD screen. 

This Arduino code simulates a network reconnaissance system. When deployed, it scans the local network for vulnerable entry points by attempting to connect to specific target ports on each device within the network 


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